Many couples spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the “look” of their wedding, but neglect to think about the “sound” of the day.   Music helps to set an atmosphere and is often one of the most memorable aspects for couples, families, and guests.

Harp music is a perfect choice for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner. Whether you love classic and traditional music, or more modern and popular songs, I can help you select music that you and your guests will love.  My goal is always to provide memorable and beautiful music that adds to your wedding day experience.

The harp is well suited for almost any venue.  The sound of the harp is very resonant and carries well, but is never overpowering, even for smaller venues.  Likewise, it is very easy to amplify for a bigger space.  I have played everywhere from museums, to churches, to country ranches, to backyard weddings.  I love seeing all the wonderful places where couples get married in the greater Houston area.  I may even be able to recommend some possible venues if you are still searching.

 I enjoy the variety and diversity of clients I serve and am happy to play for all kinds of wedding celebrations.  I strive to be a LGBTQ friendly wedding vendor.

I have played at many of the premier venues throughout the Houston area and I am a preferred vendor at Agave Estates in Katy, TX and George Ranch Historical Park in Richmond, TX.

Please contact me to check your wedding date availability and get a quote based on your needs.